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Please find below the important update received from Dublin City University, Ireland:
Application Deadlines
1.       Please note that the deadline for Undergraduate applications is 1st July. The deadline for Postgraduate PAC applications is 15th July. Please note that popular courses may fill up and close earlier than these deadlines.
2.       The deadline for sending applications for pre assessments is Wednesday 8th July. This is a strict deadline to allow time to clear pre assessments for the PAC deadline. Pre assessments sent 
after this deadline will be referred straight to PAC and a fee waiver will not be available.
English Language
1.       Please note that DCU DO NOT currently accept PTE as an English language qualification. Please ensure that students are aware of this before booking a PTE exam and please contact any students who are planning to take PTE for DCU admission.
2.       DCU’s English language requirements are strictly enforced. Under no circumstances will they be waived. To check the requirements please visit www4.dcu.ie/registry/english.shtml


1.       The deadline for applying for campus accommodation is 30 June 2015.

Meeting conditions

1.       Students on conditional offers will need to show evidence that they have met their conditions. Please upload final degree transcripts, official degree certificates and/or English language certificates as appropriate to PAC (or send directly to the International Office for Undergraduate applications). Please also email the International office to confirm that this has been done so that they can quickly action the next steps.
2.       All conditions should be met by 31st July to allow DCU to issue the necessary documentation to the student and for them to make an on time visa application

Payment of fees

1.       At this point in the year, students are advised to make their full fee payment as soon as possible after accepting their offer from DCU. To view information on how student can make a fee payment please visit www.dcu.ie/international/feepayment.shtml

Visa support letters & Visa Application

1.       Please note that a visa support letter will not be issued until the student has been issued with a full offer letter AND has made a full fee payment to DCU.
2.       The current processing time for a study visa is 6 weeks. We therefore recommend that ALL conditions are met and fees are paid in full by Friday 31st July to allow University to issue the necessary documentation to the student and for them to make an on time visa application. PLEASE CHECK THE EMBASSY WEBSITE REGULARLY FOR AN UPDATE ON  VISA PROCESSING TIMES.

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