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Study @ Malaysia (SMI Program)

     In this program, students are legally allowed to undertake a full time paid Intern-ship as visa is issued by the Ministry of Human Resources not by the Ministry of Higher Education. Intern ship certificate is issued at the end of training period. Students will be studying full time during the first one month in college, 8 hours each day and 5 days a week. Accommodation is provided both by the College from the very first day of arrival. After one month, they will start their paid Intern-ship in high end restaurants like Dome, Papa rich, Old town white coffee, Brussels Beer Cafe, 4-5 star hotel etc. Note: During first one month of study, food is not provided but throughout their stay, accommodation is provided on a sharing basis and it will be in the Kuala Lumpur area.

Please take a note that the student will study Hospitality Related Courses in Malaysia. For e.g. Certificate in Food & Beverages Operations.

Study only 1 Month
23 Months Paid Internship

Skilled Malaysia Invite Program

Total Course for Fees for 2 Years: 12,000 MYR

(2nd Year EMGS Govt. Charges of 1500 MYR payable By student, No tuition fees will be charged)



1)   100% Paid Internship after 1 month Study
2)   Food and Accommodation provided by College
During Internship at Kuala Lumpur area
3)   Minimum 900 - 1200 MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) Salary per month
During Internship
4)   1st month full time study at college with free accommodation
(No Free Food Provided during 1 month study)
5)   IF student don’t want to stay into college provided accommodation
Than college will provide additional 200 MYR plus monthly salary
To find another accommodation
6)   Internship certificate will be issued at the end of OJT
7)   Student need to attend college once In a week during Internship
Compulsory otherwise Visa will be cancelled
8)   Meals are mostly Non Veg, For Veg Rice, Chips, Sandwich, Vegetarian options are available.

Step By Step Process till Visa Stamping on your Passport:

Step: 1

-      Scan Documents for Offer letter
-      10th and 12th Marksheets
-      Passport all pages Scan copies including blank pages
(Should be scan in high resolution and pages numbers must visible)
-      Blue background photo
-      Filled college application form

In 2 days student will receive offer letter

       Step: 2

-      After offer letter student need to do medical examinations
    At Malaysian Govt. Approved centres as per below mentioned link
In an effort to ensure the authenticity of Pre-arrival Medical screenings attended by students in their home countries, EMGS has recruited Clinics in various countries which will serve as EMGS Panel clinics there. 

This list will be regularly updated on our website. http://is.gd/EMGSclinic

Please be informed that the recruitment of EMGS Panel Clinic for India and Sri Lanka has been successfully completed. As such, only medical examination reports from the clinics listed below will be accepted with effect from 15th March 2015.

         Step 3:

-      Once Medical report ok student need to transfer EMGS official
Govt. fees of 1500 MYR to college or agent

      Step 4:

-      Once EMGS fees paid student need to wait for upto1.5 months
For calling Visa letter

      Step 5:

-      Once student receive calling Visa letter scan copy, student need to
Pay remaining full fees of 10,500 MYR into college account or to
Authorised agent

        Step 6:

-      In 7-10 working days original calling Visa letter will be provided to student
And than student need to submit original passport, calling letter and 3 photos
To Malaysian Embassy or Agent for visa stamp
Kindly check status of students. You can check their status by following below instructions:

Step 1:  Accept terms and conditions (click on empty square)

Step 2: Accept consent (click on empty square)

Step 3: Travel document number, 

put your passport no. and in Nationality put your country name, Then press GO

Once VAL (Visa approval letter) is issued, then his calling letter is ready. 

     Step 7:

-      Once student receive passport with visa stamp student can book Air tickets according
To college pick up team availability.

(NOTE: Student are not allowed to clear immigration without official college person
           At Malaysia Airport)


Ø Photocopy Passport all pages
Ø Photocopy Education Transcript
Ø 8 passport size photo with blue background
Ø Pre Medical
Ø Application Form 
Ø Curriculum Vitae
     Also placement would depend on positions available at that particular time and capabilities of student like their personality, fluency in English, outlook, experience etc. Supporting Income is provided and is paid Rm 900/per month for 10 hours Internship each day. Hence for one months Internship they will receive Rm 900 + free accommodation + free duty meals while undertaking their Internship. Please note that meals are mostly non-vegetarian items. Vegetarian items are mostly rice, chips, sandwich, vegetables etc only. Also accommodation will be sharing with other nationalities.

      Any additional Internship hours (overtime) is paid as an extra payment by the Internship Provider. Also in many properties they have benefit of Tips as well. Once training gets started, then if student wants to stay in his own accommodation then he would be paid Rm 200 each month by college as accommodation allowance. But this benefit is only available till he is on On job training. Important note: As there is contract between the College and the Work Placement Provider (Restaurant/Hotel) the student is only able to carry out his training at the designated location. He will have ID mentioning his Internship Providers details and therefore he cannot change the Provider during his training period. Fees is Rm 12,000 (after visa approval) Second year EMGS fees would be Rm 1000. No tuition fees have to be paid (Candidate has to remain on O.J.T to avail this benefit). Note: Students need to go weekly once in college after first month.

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