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In comparision with IELTS, PTE Academic test uses Automated Scoring system. IELTS has general module for Immigration clients and Academic module for Student VISA clients, while PTE has only one test for both these categories.

With Pearson Test of English Academic uses state-of-the-art technology for test scoring. Research supports that, in many ways, automated scoring gives more analytical, objective results than humans do. Unlike human judgment, which is prone to be influenced by a variety of factors, an automated scoring system is impartial.

Automated scoring allows individual features of a language sample (spoken or written) to be analyzed independently, so that weakness in one area of language does not affect the scoring of other areas. Human raters often exhibit “transfer of judgment” from one area of language to another. For example, test takers who speak smoothly may be marked as proficient even though their grammar is very poor. Automated scoring, on the other hand, assesses the different language skills objectively.

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