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A good place to start meeting people is by exploring your family and community connections. It is easier, because you can join in activities with them without waiting to be asked.

  Contributing some of your time to community activities will repay your effort many times over.
To connect with people who share your interests there are a number of community directories you can use. You should also check our regional information.

 The community directory of the Office of Ethnic Affairs has links to organizations for arts and culture, education, sport, youth, women, business, faith, groups, refugees and ethnic groups. The Get Help site from the citizens Advice Bureau also has a searchable directory of community organizations. Ne Zealand Federation of Multicultural Councils is an umbrella organization for ethnic communities in New Zealand. Their websites will tell you where to find their regional offices.

 Workplace Communities:

Work places in New Zealand are fairly social and people will often chat about things that are happening in their personal lives. This is an easy place to make contacts, but often work relationships, while friendly, may not extend past the work place.

    Look for opportunities to get involved with social occasions. Some workplaces have sporting teams, or might do social team building exercises.

  Find out if there is a social club and if not think about starting one. Kiwis value practical action over words:” It is part of the pioneer heritage. Taking the initiative and starting something will win respect.

 Community involvement:

 Local projects where you work for a common benefits and shared goal are great at bringing people together and creating bonds. There is always a lot to be done in the community and the projects that community groups and school committees work on are usually very social.

 Getting involved with school activities and fundraising activities or even the Board of trustees has the added benefit of putting you in touch with your children’s teachers. Another great way to get involved with your community is to get to know your neighbours. Having friendly faces around you can really help settle you in to life in New Zealand.


 This informal local group offer various activities from coffee mornings to walking groups. There are new comers groups around New Zealand. If there is not one nearby, you can get help with starting one.

 Children’s activities
Helping your children make friends and get involved in activities is not just important for them. It is a great way for parents to meet other adults too. In new Zealand, parents with children help each other a lot and it is  great short cut to building up a circle of acquaintances who may become friends.

    Libraries and council recreations centres are great places to find activities for the kids to get involved with. Check our Regional Information’s for contact details. A websites called kiwi families run by a group of non profit organizations has a comprehensive section on activities for children along with help and advice on parenting in New Zealand.

  For parents in Auckland, sport NZ and local councils run a website called Connect2sport. It helps the migrant community there to connect to participate and volunteer in badminton and football.

       Follow your interests:
Getting involved in the hobbies and interests you had at home is an excellent way to meet new people.
Search online for the New Zealand versions of the clubs and communities you used to be involved with or try something new!!


 Yes, we are crazy about sport so you will find lots of opportunities to joine teams and meet people that way. Workplaces some times have sports teams, or you can join a club. If you do not play sport you can always participate as a volunteer.
   Check the sports page of the website or the Regional pages for information on local sports clubs.

Take a night class:
  A great institution in Newzealand is Adult and Community Education ACE---à It is commonly referred to as night classes---even though many are held during the day.
   ACE offers reasonably –priced tutored classes which do not necessarily lead to a qualification but generally teach about a hobby or general interest topic.


BOOKS discussion group books clubs are a fun, informal way to meet new people and to learn more about the kiwi way of life. The idea is to read a book on your own and then get together with a group of people each month to talk about what you have read and to chat about life in New Zealand.  They have groups for people who have been learning ENGLISH for a while and want to practise, as well as groups intercultural groups which are designed for people from a range of cultures and ethnic backgrounds.

  To see local groups that are looking for members checks there websites or email bds@bds.org.nz


Online communities are great ways to share experiences and meet others, whether they are used to organize events or to give or get advice. Tray the new to new Zealand face book as a start.

  There is also a website called “meet up” that lists a wide range of groups around new Zealand that you can join. It a great way to meet new people with similar interests to you you can even start your own meet up group. For examples, there is a meet up group for international spouses in Wellington.

 You may also want to make connections with multi cultural communities in your area, both for hearing similar stories of people living in New Zealand and for sharing your own. The Rotary has an E club an online group, where you can do just that.

Other networks like Toastmasters, BUSINESS and Professional Women’s BPW Network. And BNI are also good for building professional contacts. Check out the job hunting tips page for more information’s about these.


Understanding local customs is one of the hardest parts of setting into any new country.
 Some times the more similar your cultures seems on the surface the more similar your cultures seems on the surface, The harder it can be to understand subtle social differences.

  We describes our selves as “FRIENDLY BUT RESERVED” and open but respectful. Putting a finger on what exactly that means can be hard, so expect to feel a bit confused. Give it time and be patient, and eventually you will come to understand just how newzealands work.

 To get a feel for who we are as a people check out the over views of life in New Zealand in Te Are, the Encyclopaedia of New Zealand. NZ ON AIR, the government agency that funds our broadcasting services, has collections of TV PROGRAMMES, FILMS AND MUSICS VIDEOS produced in NEWZEALAND. They come with introductory notes that will help you explore our culture.

Finally if you want to establish yourself with your family with a permanent resident visa in NZ without any obligation, we have an option for you.

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