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11 Life Lessons From Mountain Climbing

We were climbing (crawling) towards the very steep and slippery summit of Mt. Pico De Loro when I heard two lady mountaineers behind me talking, laughing at their own craziness,of even trying this not so safe climb.
“Ba’t ba natin ginagawa to?” (Why are we even doing this?) said the nervous girl.
“Dapat nanahimik nalang tayo sa bahay at naglinis. Hahaha!” (We should have stayed home and cleaned the house. LOL!) Said the chill, funny girl.
Then they both told one another, “pero andito tayo!” (But we’re here!)
It would be fun to eavesdrop more of their conversation, but that was not the perfect time. I had to focus on my own climb, because one wrong step could lead to an unpleasant incident.
I later transferred, crawled my way to the left side of the mountain with less climbers. Then armed with fierce determination, I lifted my heavy butt towards the summit.
When I was finally there, I had a clear view of what the other climbers have been going through. Then I asked myself the same question, why am I doing this?
Malayo ang tingin. haha! MONOLITH!

Why are you doing this? What are you getting from all of this?
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